White Horse Inn? Anyone?

Does anyone else out there listen to the white horse inn? I need to know who I can email to discuss these things.

On a Christless Christianity; what’s your take on this?

Rosenbladt: And I think the way that works out in the lives of most Christians is that they hear the gospel at the time of their conversion. I heard a sermon illustration not long ago, “Oh, justification, that’s like the wedding. Now we’re talking about married life. So let’s move on now and talk about the Christian life, and that’s like the marriage.”

Horton: So when you became a Christian you heard the gospel. Now that you are a Christian, guess what, for the next fifty years you are going to hear about what you need to do in order to…

Riddlebarger: And you don’t need to hear the gospel, because you are already a convert.

Horton: That’s where it gets assumed.

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