Bono on Truth in Music

U2’s Bono

The thing that’s almost impossible to contrive for almost any artist is joy. You know you can if you are a bad painter, you can get across your anger with the world, you know just black, like whoa! deep. Or happiness you can get that across, but joy is an impossible emotion to contrive. Now as well as describing what might be you have to describe what is, because I think that God is interested in truth and only interested in truth. And that’s why God is more interested in rock and roll music than in gospel. Because those gospel folk, a lot of the times, they’re not being truthful. Because they can’t be and that’s really sad and tragic.

(response: because they can’t be? why?)

Because they are not describing about their life, not describing about their doubt a lot of the time. Now, what they are, when they (muffled), is worshiping God. Music to worship God, I’m interested in that. But that’s a different thing. But you have to have the truth thing. And if you can write about what’s really going on in the world and in your life because it’s all happy clappy you know… I mean is God interested in that? Oooh please, don’t patronize me!

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