Postmodernism and Fundamentalism

Luther’s Stein

Perhaps one explanation for continental slide of gen-X into greater evangelicalism is due to the desimation of the ideal of an “objective interpreter” within Fundamentalism. What we are witnessing in this divide is not simply a generation gap — we are witnessing the effects of the first generation of Fundamentalsts born and raised in a Postmodern world butting heads with their (still) Modernist movement. In other words, this is not simply a generation gap — it is symptomatic of a Christian Cultural revolution.

The Postmodern Fundamentalist (PF, pardon the paradox) thinks something to be amiss in the “old” doctrine of the perspicuity of the Scripture — it smells of Modernism. And it very well may be. It may be that the new generation of Fundamentalism believes it has pulled back the curtain on the “old” use of the perspicuity of the Scriptures, and in so doing has discovered it for what it really is — the perspicuity of the interpreter. Perhaps it is not for a failure of fundamentalist articulation that gen-X is making an exodus out of Fundamentalism. Perhaps it is a failure of Modernism.

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