Biblical Alter Calls (What is an Oxymoron?)

Is our movement plagued with easy-believism. The GARBC (in general) seems so quick to reject the “Lordship salvation” issue out of hand. Perhaps the reason for this relates more to our ties with Finney and his Arminian, decision-based view of regeneration. It was from the tail end of the second great awakening that we see the beginning of the “old fashion alter call.” Our emphasis on the great issues of spiritual life transformation has become increasingly external or physical. Has this not shaded the issue of the internal life transformation! I have yet to be in any of our churches (GARBC, Independent, Fundamental, Baptist, etc.) that do not invite men to “come to Jesus” — by walking down the aisle! J. E. Adams has written an excellent document on this subject entitled Decisional Regeneration. Should we remove this practice from the end of our services — or remain joined arm in arm with such men as Charles Finney? Is it possible to preach and teach the need for spiritual growth and yet not give an alter call? The Puritans seem to be an excellent example of this paradigm.

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