Missions Conference Closing Session

Dr. Anderson preached from this passage this morning. You’d have to listen to the message to really get the sense of what he was saying. But what I want to ask is how we should look at this passage. Two aorist verbs tell us what we must do if we are to “come after” Christ. Then the third verb in the present says “be following me.” What are the implications of this passage for sanctification? for the call to full time service? Is there a “decision” which must be made for Christian ministry? for sanctification? Is this call for denial one a Christian should be continually affirming or once with a decision that “sticks?” To summarize the approach of the conference, a call was made for those “who had not yet committed themselves to Christian service” in this way.

Matt. 16:24 Τοτε ο Ιησους ειπεν τοις μαθηταις αυτου· ει τις θελει οπισω μου ελθειν, απαρνησασθω εαυτον και αρατω τον σταυρον αυτου και ακολουθειτω μοι.

Your thoughts?

p.s. I was deeply thankful for Dr. Anderson’s message today because we were given a real sense for his heart for missions. He offered some very moving examples of men who have found their life in Christ. I pray as much for every one of us, that we would “lose” our lives under the Lordship of Christ to gain greater joy that is found in him alone. To the praise of his glory!

“εις το ειναι ημας εις επαινον δοξης αυτου τους προηλπικοτας εν τω Χριστω. Ephesians 1:12”

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