"I’ve Got the Hebrew Blues"

This is how I feel today…

Got the Hebrew Blues,
Got the Hebrew Blues
Oh Elohim Adonai (Lord God)
Got the Hebrew Blues
Well I’m sitting ‘neath the sun thinking about energic nuns
got the Hebrew blues

Well I’m sitting in my ohel (tent) knowing my Hebrew well
got the Hebrew blues
what is a hofal?
I think I asked you
what is a hofal?
I don’t know, I don’t know
I don’t know, what a hofal is
but maybe I was caused not to know
got the Hebrew blues!

propretonic reduction, propretonic reduction
oh, what is that?
I don’t know, I don’t know,
All my vowels have gone away,
has someone seen my tsere,
got the Hebrew blues

Oh ahh, Oh ahh
Oh ahh, qamats hatuf
Oh ahh, Oh ahh, qamats hatuf
Well is it Oh or ahh?
I don’t know,
got the Hebrew blues!

Who is he, I said to my girl
I said, hoo is he
hoo is he, and he is she
and mi and mi is who
what kind of a world do we live in
when a dog is a fish!
got the Hebrew blues!

my baby yashvad (lived with me) for a while
then she shav’d (swore – married) to another man
can you image the nerve
oh she shatav’d (turned away, broke?) my heart
but I was blind to it all
I didn’t know the difference between yshav (live), shav’d (swore) and shuv (turn away)
Got the Hebrew Blues!!!

– Song from Biblical Hebrew, by Victoria Hoffer

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