Edwards on the Problem of Evil

But God is not culpable for sin Edwards argues. In order to make his case he adopts two key theses from Augustine of Hippo. First he follows Augustine’s line that “evil” per se is nothing. It has no ontological status. What is “evil” in the choice of sin is simply a rejection of or a falling away from the good. Thus the evil is nothing positive, but simply an abandoning of what one ought to have chosen.”

From “Does God cause sin? Anselm of Canterbury versus Jonathan Edwards on human freedom and divine sovereignty” by Katherin Rogers

This sheds light on the topic for me. Romans 3:23 makes sense in this light. One does not say that darkness has a source. The essence of holiness is glory in its fullest, that is the character and nature of God himself. To fall short of that and look elsewhere is to fall short of the glory of God. I’ve never thought of this in this way, interesting… thoughts?

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