The Conversion of Jonathan Edwards

Casey Malloy typed this out so that we could post it for the mutual benefit of everyone here. By his own admission Casey’s own testimony has many similarities of Jonathan Edwards, as does mine. I think it is common within our circles to see first the law of God and hate it before we ever see the grace of God and love it. I remember the first time I was absolutely confounded to read of David’s love for God’s law (Psalm 119). I was confounded because I had no concept as to how one could love a law so demanding. The answer like a refreshing draught of water, was that David loved God’s law because he loved fellowship with God in sweet communion perhaps unlike any who have come after him. But all the more, we have the exact representation of God’s glorious grace in Christ. What psalms of praise David would have sung if he’d lived long enough to see his redeemer!

The Conversion of Jonathan Edwards

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