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Blogging is a tricky medium because it gives the impression that it is a well reasoned piece of credible information similar to a online column. Yet, very often it is the ranting and raving of those completely unqualified to be discussing the subject, much less helping to form others opinions. It is Dr. Myron’s opinion that it is an “illegitimate medium.” I wouldn’t go that far necessarily but I can really understand his sentiment. It is very difficult to communicate anything of worth on a regular basis. It is for this reason I want to offer this caveat to remind myself and anyone who should read that I consider much of what is written and said here to be not much more than casual conversation and it should not be viewed with more authority than that. As far as credentials are concerned. I am in the midst of a Masters of Divinity degree and make it my constant hobby to read and learn. Yet, in many ways I’m still growing in the maturity and spiritual wisdom it takes to really offer a healthy perspective. I hope the other members of this blog who may be reading will continue offer accountability and confrontation to maintain a healthy level of discretion about what is said on this blog. Much thanks for your continued understanding and mutual encouragement.

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  1. I think it is important to keep in perspective the purpose of a “BLOG”- or weblog. It is a journal- a compilation of one’s thoughts resulting from studies and observations. Many are not in the habit of journaling. The medium of a “blog” provides an opportunity for others to share their “comments” on your thoughts. Of course, there can be many dangers in accepting that advice becuase thier input could be considered that of a counselor. Sure each is entitled to his own opinion- but on judgement day opinions are not going to matter- only Truth. Thus, there is a sense in which this medium can be a sharpening stone of my mind (for good or bad)- and in order to process that information I must first have a proper grasp of Truth. When we open up our thoughts/journals to others to read, perhaps it will in a healthy and gentle way confront people with Truth. From my initial comments, the habit of journaling is a very healthy way of processing information. The information that we share should be information that we have a good “handle” on ourselves for the purpose of provoking others to think right. If we use this medium to ask questions for the purpose of seeking counsel- who knows what kind of counsel we will receive. “As Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens the countenace of his friend”

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