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  1. Great LinkPersonally, I am convinced that conservative theology can and must be wedded to social justice.I think it be fair to say, at the crux of the EC movement (if I can take the liberty to call it that) is a “Jamesish” type of fascination with the practical aspect of belief. At their very best the EC is the book of James. That their very worst, they are liberal false prophets. But the problem as I see it, is what has driven this very positive focus on putting “feet to faith,” is an epistemological confusion that has at times despaired of meaning. It is not the careful teaching of scripture that has driven this (as Warren would say) “Reformation of deeds.” This is where evangelicals (I) get nervous. I agree that intellectual assent doesn’t equate belief. But I don’t agree that action equates belief. Actions must be driven by belief. Action without the foundation of propositional belief is liberal Christianity, it’s a noble lie. So in short, I have a love/hate outlook on what the emerging church is doing. the Bible was not given for our information but for our transformation

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