Can There Be Two Quotes of the Day?

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When the Spirit of God goes away from a Church it is a fine thing for oratory, because then it is much more assiduously cultivated. When the Spirit of God is gone, then all the ministers become exceedingly learned, for not having the Spirit they need to supply the emptiness his absence has made, and then the old-fashioned Bible is not quite good enough; they must touch it up a bit and improve upon it, and the old doctrines which used to rejoice their grandmothers at the fire-side are too stale for them; they must have an improved and a new theology, and young gentlemen now-a-days show their profound erudition by denying everything that is the ground, and prop, and pillar of our hope, and starting some new will-o’-the-wisp which they set their people staring at.”


2 thoughts on “Can There Be Two Quotes of the Day?”

  1. When I hear/read quotes like that I often am reminded that there is nothing new under the sun. Spurgeon faced issues just like we have and will.Oh to stay faithful to the simple proclamation of truth.

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