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***This was quoted by Dr. Paul Hartog in a message that will come tomorrow. You’ll want to hear it.***

Debates with Christians who embrace pop culture are frequently hamstrung by the tenacity with which they insist on discussing the audible sound only, and never the actual meaning of the word. Modern evangelicals have a clear eye this way; they have a true imitative genius. They can copy anything the world produces, down to slightest flourish or embellishment. Whether trafficking in guitar licks or designer logos, they can always ape the real thing with exactitude. The only thing they don’t know is what it all means. Modern evangelicals are like a drunk Japanese businessman in a kareoke bar singing along with the Stones. In his own boozy way, he knows everything about the song except what it is about.

Although I do not espouse a high culture view of aesthetics, I grow increasingly concerned that Christians, when liberally embracing anything and everything do not fully comprehend the worldviews they embrace. Too often those who exploit the spirit of the age are exploited by it. So back to blogging…

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  1. Matt, I appreciate your comments. Too often the issues of aesthetics are limited to questions of morality, which masks the real issues at hand. Music and entertainment are just as much about maturity as they are of morality.I have heard this quote elsewhere recently, but I didn’t recognize Wilson’s name. Any ideas where I’ve seen it? Was it quoted somewhere else?

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