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******Update, Mike Durning has laid it all out for us here**********

I’m not sure if you’ve seen these yet. But Joel Tetreau has come up with categories of Fundamentalists. I’d put up a poll if I had one.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 was followed by an apology by Joel for his naming specific institutions. Out of defference for Joel, I have just posted the first two. I think you get the picture as to what he’s saying.

Here’s the beginning of his article at NeoFundamentalist about “Type C” Fundamentalism.

Militancy to the Type C fundamentalist is kin to Ronald Reagan militancy. Reagan led our country through a rebuilding of a military arsenal that eventually led the Soviet Union to an economic implosion. They simply could not keep up with the arms race. “Fundamentalism” to a Type C is a verb. More specifically, it is an action verb. Fundamentalism is not something necessarily that describes their primary identity (Type A), nor does it really modify or explain where they are (Type B).

Type C Fundamentalism is a description of what they “do.” These men are actively engaging the faith. They are actively contending within their associations, fellowships, conventions, or denominations. They are not attempting to “smoosh their way” (as in the new-evangelical ethos). They are actively doing “Battle Royal” for the faith. In my way of understanding, the rebirth of Type C Fundamentalism would have been in the late 1970’s and early 80’s. Type C fundamentalists are those conservative men who contended in groups such as the SBC and CBA. Harold Lindsell came out with his work, Battle for the Bible.

Dr. Joel Tetreau is senior pastor at Southeast Valley Baptist Church (Gilbert, AZ). He is on the adjunct faculty at International Baptist College (Tempe, AZ) and serves as co-director of SW Romania Missions Project.
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Also of import, Dave Doran’s counterpoint.

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