Two Interesting Quotes from Doug Wills

(ht: Doug Wills)
This may be the most interesting, intellectually stimulating blog I regularly read.

On “The Difference Attempts At Application Make”
“Karl Marx was an intellectual who suffered misfortune because people tried to put his ideas into practice. Had Plato suffered the same misfortune, the world would still be talking about that totalitarian hellhole” (The Case for Classical Christian Education, p. 215).

On “Why Modern Art Failed”
“We may appreciate the efforts, and even admire the greatness, of men who have tried to find the universal, the general ‘behind’ appearances; yet at the same time their quest was doomed to fail, for all universals break down as soon as the Creator, He who made man in His image, is denied or left out of account” (H.R. Rookmaaker, Modern Art and the Death of a Culture, p. 132).

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