Bock: on the Emergent Church

Dr. Bock’s Summary on the Emergent Church

We have worked through the nine key traits of this movement with evaluations. So how does one sum it up? There are several strengths of this movement and several concerns about this movement. I see these clear strengths:

1) There is a problem with modernity is its spirit of freedom and quest for human autonomy. This is a cultural value that needs to be challenged.
2) There is a problem with modernity is the dominance of the consumer culture and the way it can lead to compromise of values of the faith. This also drains the ability of the church to serve others selflessly. The missions budget of many churches is a shame to reflect on. Many other resources could help make an impact as well. However, many of our resources go to things that do not advance the kingdom.
3) A problem with modernity is that efficiency and technology can depersonalize or overwhelm life (leading to the [over]saturated self).

I see these strengths (in other words, these are positives but they also need qualifying in how they are applied):

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