Pinocchio has Converted

(ht: Albert Mohler)

The Telegraph is reporting that Pinocchio has become a muslim. Here’s what Al Mohler has to say about it.

Where will this end? What if Huckleberry Finn becomes a Buddhist? [“Honest, Injun Joe, all I desire now is the absence of all desire. Honest“] What if Aunt Polly becomes a Christian Scientist? [“Don’t worry about that gunshot dear, pain and illness are only illusions.”] What if Jiminy Cricket becomes a Zoroastrian? It would give “When You Wish Upon a Star” a whole new meaning.

The literature of the West acknowledges the existence of non-Christians. The literature of the Islamic world does not acknowledge the existence of non-Muslims in the same way. Pinocchio must convert. That is a distinction worth reflection.”

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