Up All Night Thinking About Evangelism

From Pure Church, by Thabiti Anyabwile

But there’s still the “why” of my evangelistic duldrums. Why am I not doing more already?

I think I need to deepen my love for the Savior and the Good News of the Savior. I think I need to contemplate more deeply the majesty, person, and work of our Lord. I also need to think more deeply and pray more fervently about the perishing souls that surround me. I can’t say I consistently view people the way Jesus views them. My valuation of their souls is too low. I think I lack urgency. I think I “trust in God’s sovereignty” in the wrong way at times. I need to repent.

Two hours later, here’s my initial plan:

  • Meet the neighbors and schedule dinner with them in the first 30 days.
  • Pray for opportunities and a ready mind.
  • Find a new barber (a bro. needs a cut), preferrably one with decent skills but not a Christian.
  • Phone the brother of a friend who lives on the island and is not a believer. Do lunch.
  • Pray that the Lord would send laborers into the harvest and for friends on the field.
  • Think through an initial strategy for training and encouraging others in evangelism.
  • Adjust my reading plan to focus more intently on the Savior and the gospel (I’d welcome recommendations).
  • Pick up those two biographies I’ve been neglecting (The Life and Diary of David Brainerd and To the Golden Shore).
  • Pray, pray, pray for a fervent spirit and abiding love for the lost.

What am I missing?

4 thoughts on “Up All Night Thinking About Evangelism”

  1. For books on the Savior: The Cross of Christ by John Stott, Living the Cross-Centered Life by CJ Mahaney. My thoughts: perhaps much of the issue in lack of zeal for the lost is less about the lost and more about our flippant relationship to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and our lack of amazement at the truth of our sinfulness and God’s grace extended in salvation. An addition that I have made to the humility prayer list provided by CJ Mahaney has been to daily contemplate the nature of my sin and the wonderful miracle of salvation by God. Gratefulness overflows to an awesome wonder of Christ which can scarely be held back. If you need some motivation on a practical level too, check out this YouTube video from our youth group: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt4aChxIqQU

  2. We just returned tonight from a neighborhood potluck where we met lots of new people and had good chances to talk. By far, my best evangelism strategy is one that was taught to me by my dad (and yours). Have a list of ten lost people that you pray for regularly. If you don’t have ten, find them. Know their needs. Take every opportunity to care, talk and share Christ. Praying for them will keep them on your mind constantly.

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