A Snapshot of Coulter’s "Godless"

From Melton L. Duncan at River and Rhett
I read Ann Coulter’s Godless this past week. You have to appreciate her passion, marvel at the way she obliterates her neatly constructed stereotypes and enjoy her ability to Abusive Ad hominem. She’s also a very good researcher, as exampled by her recent analysis of the Venona Papers and subsequent
defense of Joe McCarthy yielding as fascinating a spin on the 50’s that has ever been constructed. We all look forward to her giving a good beat/shout down with a Chris Mathews or a Katie Couric. But until I read this Godless I’d resigned to myself to think that at best Ann was simply conservatism’s very own “suicide bomber.”

This book has made me think differently about her. This book shows a gal that understands the theological significance of Genesis 1 for the rest of humanity. Whatever Tim Keller is teaching Ann up there at Redeemer PCA in Manhattan it’s obviously working. Here is how she concludes Godless:

“…The fundamental difference between our religion and theirs is that theirs always tells them whatever they want to hear. Like the “living Constitution,” Darwinism never disappoints liberals…If you have the instinct to do it, it must be an evolved adaptation. Liberals subscribe to Darwinism not because its ‘science’ which they hate, but out of wishful thinking. Darwinism lets them off the hook morally.

Religious people have certain rules based on a book about faith with lots of witnesses to that faith. God is not our secret Santa. His commands are not whatever we want them to be, and the Bible is not a ‘living document’. This is why it’s always so disorienting when liberals harangue Christians about Biblical commands. Unlike the liberal religion, morality exists outside our egotistical, materialistic, fickle, megalomaniacal … selves…The truth is the truth whether we like it or not. While secularists are constantly comparing conservatives Christians to Nazis, somehow it’s always the godless doing the genocides.

By their fruits ye shall know them.”

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