I imagine I’m watching, that ghastly event
The sky torn with blackness, the veil has been rent
A parched throaty cry barely comes from my mouth
Can this be that justice that needs to be dealt?
Vulgar, obscene, An affront to my sense
That my savior would suffer, all for my expense
No judge ruling fairly would allow such a crime
No guilt he does carry, save only my wrong
My eyes shut in horror, scarce can believe
This act of injustice, that fulfills my need
No token of fealty, nor act of remorse
Can pay back this debt, nor would it come close
A fool would not think it, to make such a bid
Rather grace shows it’s splendor, in “Father forgive!”

One thought on “Forgiveness

  1. Babe, this is amazing! You’ve got to do something with this talent. I really enjoy reading your poetry!

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