Who Says "Let’s"

Piper says:
“At the heart of masculinity is a sense of benevolent responsibility to lead”
This is the essence of Biblical manhood. Piper says you can see this in a marriage by who says “let’s.”
“Let’s look over the finances.”
“Let’s go out to eat.”
A husband should be one who takes the initiative to lead. Many wives are frustrated by their husband’s inability to lead.

3 thoughts on “Who Says "Let’s"”

  1. I love you. I have to admit that sometimes I’m afraid not to say “Let’s” cuz I’m afraid we’ll stop doing stuff like that. But I do it so much I’ve never given you the chance to do that cuz I’m always one step ahead. I know it’s hard for you too, to always understand the needs of a woman. It’s not instict to you so I need to trust you and be patient with you. And not be so selfish about what I think I need.

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