The Grand Canyon

To some the thought of a God that would seek his own adoration is completely revolting. To try to draw some sense out of this John Piper used this illustration. “Why do people go to the Grand Canyon? Is it to improve their self esteem?” The truth is that there is a tremendous void of satisfaction we wish to fill. God is completely loving not by making much of us but he is completely loving by making much of himself because ultimately He is what fills the void of longing of our soul! Praise God he freely gives himself to be my joy!

5 thoughts on “The Grand Canyon”

  1. I just read this in “Desiring God” yesterday. It makes total sense. I guess I never question God in that way. I would never find it revolting that He takes pleasure in His own adoration-He’s God and whatever He does is right and good although we may not understand why. So I’m very trusting in that area yet I struggle so much in other areas of worry and not trusting God and leaving things in His hands. Crazy isn’t it, how we can be so trusting with someone yet not trust them in other areas especially when that someone is God!

  2. I will post about “Desiring God” as soon as you give me time to read! (phone calls!) πŸ™‚ Hey, I have to be honest. Sometimes I come away from your comments a little frustrated. Sometimes I don’t exactly know what you’re trying to get at or say. Please remember that you are posting to me and not on Sharper Iron. org. πŸ™‚ Maybe I just need to learn to think a little harder and not have everything spoon fed to me?

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